You may have noticed I haven’t been here for a bit now… After releasing my Yin Yang Tumblers, I felt so called to take COLOURS in this direction. Curating home and wellness goods, made by hand, to bring pleasure and inspiration into your everyday life.  

Home is a sacred space, and while enjoying a lot of time at my home in Topanga Canyon, I have felt incredibly inspired by my surroundings. Over the past year, I, alongside incredibly talented artists from across the globe, designed handmade, one-of-a-kind, healing objects that will brighten your world and elevate your home & well-being. All objects are inspired by Mother Nature and made from intentionally sourced materials. 

I aim to only surround myself with objects, foods, and people that light up my world. Along with this, I live by the words: “less is more”. Thus, why I am so passionate about creating intentional objects to share with you. I believe it’s the simple objects, slow moments, and little rituals that spark so much joy in my everyday life. It could be anything from burning an incense in my terracotta chiminea hut to collecting fresh produce from the Farmers Market in my COLOURS linen tote. Or a favorite of mine, sipping a sparkling wine out of a colored glass at sundown. Because life is too short to drink out of an average glass.

What you surround yourself with matters. What you consume daily you become. What we do every day makes up who we are. 

Allow these gems to elevate your lifestyle. 

Thank you for being here,

x Emily