About Emily Rose Klein

Emily grew up near the Southern Californian sand and currently lives in Topanga, California. She has a true love for natural products (you could literally find her walking the aisles of a health store all day long), being surrounded by natural elements from the earth, meditations on the beach, the color orange, homemade vegan nut cheeses, and lots of cashew butter. She believes in balance, so a unique mezcal cocktail or natural wine is also a favorite.

Growing up, Emily was always deeply inspired by her passionate and entrepreneurial parents. Being very close to her mom and always admiring her unique style, she loved to assist her with her work in the fashion world and eventually her beautiful coastal lifestyle boutiques. This, along with her fascination with her dad’s wellness journey, formed her into who she is today, passionate about fashion and wellness. Emily’s Dad shared his personal health journey with her and has since created his own brand to share his love for organic eating with the world. Struggling with health issues in his early life, he was able to transform his lifestyle through eating foods from the earth. Years ago, Emily found herself just feeling a bit off. Having health struggles like anemia, food allergies, anxiety, and digestion issues, it left Emily curious as to why. She decided to look deeper into her daily lifestyle and fell in love with nurturing her well-being. As she found balance in her own life through mindfulness and subtle lifestyle changes, she has passionately shared her practices with her loved ones surrounding her.

Emily has always had a creative eye and been passionate about details. Her mom has always told her that even when she was little, she would point out colors and intricacies that she recognized amidst the ordinary. Whether it was the color of the bathroom wall, a vibrant flower on a bush, or the pattern on a passerby’s dress, it was noticed. And, to this day, Emily is especially captivated by the colors encountered in our everyday lives–within garments, foods, flowers, interiors, sunsets, and even simple objects. She has always been drawn to color–how it changes when the sunlight hits it, how it evokes different emotions, and how it brings everything to life.

Inspired by her travels, natural textures in California, and the color orange; COLOURS represents warmth / balance / energy / creativity / happiness / sunshine / mindfulness

COLOURS is a way of everyday living. COLOURS is a feeling.

A Personal Note from Emily

I am so deeply thrilled to bring COLOURS to life. COLOURS has been dreamt up for quite some time; I’ve been planning it out in my head for what feels like an eternity. At COLOURS, we aspire to work with likeminded individuals, brands and concepts that we believe in, are proud of and are passionate about. It’s something about warm colors that just make my heart smile. I believe in the power of thoughtfully handmade objects, therapeutic scents and the healing powers of foods – how they can enhance your mind, elevate your mood and boost your creativity. It’s the simple objects, habits and rituals that bring big change into our everyday lives. I am truly only sharing products, places and things that I’ve personally experimented with and fell in love with. I believe what you put into and onto your body directly affects your life experience. I like to know what I’m consuming and using in my everyday life and where it’s from. I aim to shop for longevity.

There are two parts to COLOURS, one being the work side: Color Consultations, Content Creation and Creative Direction. I want to share my experience and my background in this area with you. We consult and create organically, mindfully and thoroughly. We delicately curate content to elevate wellness and fashion concepts and brands. We believe in the power of color and how it can affect our moods in an uplifting way. The other side is the play, through which I aim to create a digital space to inspire you with my visual pleasures, inspirations, ways of living and overall well- being. I’m so glad you’re here and I cannot wait for you to be a part of this journey with me.