COLOURS x The Palmist

Last year, I came across The Palmist Club and instantly fell in love with all that Clementina creates. The Palmist Club is an Italy-based project that creates graceful handmade objects for the home, inspired by travels and different artisans that Clementina has worked with. Clementina Calleri is the founder, designer, creator, and talented mind behind The Palmist Club. The word “Club” is intentional in the name of the brand. It represents all the incredibly talented artisans that she’s worked with in different parts of the world. “Learning from them, I am grateful to have them part of the palmist club as their knowhow and smiles make everything better. Supporting local people through craftsmanship is a crucial matter as these knowledges are disappearing fast and without preserving them the beauty of the handmade will no longer exist”. – Clementina Calleri.

When I found the Palmist, I felt so aligned with Clementina’s approach to creating handmade graceful objects. I instantly wanted to purchase Clementina’s linens to set my own table. When I look at her work, I am instantly taken away on vacation from my very own home. All her linens are one-of-a-kind, hand embroidered with palm trees, suns, shells, and everything in between that feels like absolute paradise. I am a very detail-orientated person so when I see that in someone else’s work I feel so drawn to it. Once Clementina and I chatted we were flowing with so many ideas on how we could collaborate! From picking out beautiful colored vintage fabrics from her local markets, to incorporating the warmth of the COLOURS sun into her tropical work, it all felt just right. You can truly feel the love put into these placemats and napkins. There is zero machine work, all pieces are 100% handmade from start to finish, even the cutting, the borders and of course the embroidery. The fringes are the result of hours of precise work and the palm embroideries are a celebration of her imaginary palms.

“Researching beauty in every aspect of life, my collection of Graceful Objects is an interpretation of the unusual and the exotic. It aims to attract art lovers, aesthetes, and those who share a desire to infuse spiritual intention into their daily lives and practices”. – Clementina Calleri

“I am always looking for hands with the power of transforming a natural element into an object full of grace and story” .

Together, we designed The Tropical Table Set on vintage cinnamon linens, and no two sets are alike. Various styles of suns and palm trees are hand-embroidered in vibrant ochre, paprika, pinks and oranges. Created for those who want to be dining on paradise at all times. 

Clementina believes in the art of slow living and her intention is for all linen sets to last you a lifetime. I believe the best memories are made around the kitchen table, and these pieces are must-haves for a sustainable, slow living home

When we started on the pieces, Clementina had wrote me this and it warmed my heart. 

“Winter is so hard on me; I am frozen but working on your pieces warms my heart as they have such wonderful warm colors”.

“Growing up in an Italian family, table setting has always been a very important part of each meal. I feel my generation has forgotten this attention to detail and although eating vegan only and banning bottled water, we aren’t using linen napkins as we used to, instead tons of paper napkins wrapped in plastic is being bought. My intention with these table sets is to change the attitude of the younger generation and invest in beautiful vintage linen ones which will last forever”. ~ Clementina Calleri

I chatted with Clementina and had the pleasure of learning more about her beautiful story. Please enjoy our conversation.