COLOURS Trio: Desert, Sun, Earth

Introducing the COLOURS Tote Trio: Desert, Sun, Earth. Inspired by healing colors within nature and made with ethically sourced linens that wear better with time. 

The story of our Linen Tote Bag is quite simple. Most days when I’m headed out to the beach, Farmers Market or even just to run errands, I reach to grab a tote bag. Before, I would always face the same dilemma: every tote either didn’t match my outfit or didn’t feel chic enough to wear, yet a purse felt too dressed up. So, I decided to create my own. One that would have a thick strap and sit comfortably on my shoulder, made from high quality linen, in the vibrant colors of my dreams. Since the samples arrived, I have literally worn them every day. Our tote is the perfect companion for your trip to the Farmers Market, day at the beach, or any adventure you can imagine. The linen material is incredible, as it can hold as much or as little as you want it to. 

Hope you enjoy!

x Emily