Into The Canyon

I have been slow to sharing here recently as I have been moving my life to a new home in dreamland, Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles with my best friend, Carter. We had been looking to move to Topanga for quite some time now and when the perfect place came around we knew it was the time! I have been soaking up every minute of the move and staying incredibly present throughout. I have been focusing on keeping things simple. Less is more. I’ve let go of so many “things” (clothes, home goods, whatever it may be) and it feels so good. I feel a lot more free. I have been looking at pieces and thinking about how they make me feel and if it doesn’t bring me joy, I let it go.

I have been living in Venice Beach for the past year or so and absolutely loved it. It is full of life, incredible restaurants and lots of character. But when the virus hit, it has of course changed (like every other city at the moment) and I felt stuck. I found myself spending most of my time in Topanga or Malibu. I was drawn to Topanga for many reasons, as I have learned over the years, I feel most alive when I am in nature, by the sea, in sunshine, surrounded by beauty. It is close to the coast and nature and I am beyond happy to be here. It is a quiet canyon with lots of character and overall the energy I have been yearning for. It feels so good knowing I can be anywhere in the city if needed but the majority of the time, at my little escape nestled in the canyon, just a short ride to the beach. As I am writing, I am looking out at the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains with the sun glaring in my window.

My mornings have consisted of hiking a local trail just a few steps from my door, every single day. I couldn’t ask for more. The sunshine on my face and clean mountain air is so refreshing.

I am SO excited for this new chapter of my life and I can’t wait to share my new home with you.

Stay tuned for the next guide, launching SOON! It will be a beautiful and thorough guide to Los Angeles, that you can browse to find places to unwind, recharge, relax, sleep, eat, hike, hang, sunbathe and the list goes on…

x Emily