Hemp Seed Potion

I really enjoy all the different notes you can taste and smell while sipping on this potion. I’m a huge cilantro and basil lover so I absolutely dig the taste of this drink paired with Coconut Mylk, a dream! The Hemp Seeds give the rim an earthy taste that balance the potion out. Feel free to play around with the Jalapeño depending on your love for spice.

Why Mezcal? Over the years I’ve learned to really enjoy it. It is actually one of the healthiest spirits you can drink due to how it’s made with no sugars or fillers, simply made from the Earth. This article on Mezcal is very informative. When drinking Mezcal, Madre Mezcal is always my go-to. Madre comes from a ranch, set in the rolling hills of the Oaxacan Sierra. Watching over the land for centuries, the family started distilling the spirit of mezcal for the intent of personal guidance and celebration.


– 2 Ounces Madre Mezcal

– 1 Ounce of Lime Juice

– 3/4 Ounces Raw Coconut Mylk

– 1 Teaspoon Raw Mānuka Honey

– 1/2 Persian Cucumber

– Handful of Basil Leaves

– Handful of Cilantro

– 2-4 Slices of Jalapeño

– 4 Tablespoons Hemp Seeds

– 3 Tablespoons Chile Powder

– 3 Tablespoons Pink Himalayan Salt

To Make:

1 Lightly toast the hemp seeds in a pan

2 Mix your toasted hemp seeds, chile powder and salt then rim the glass with your lime and dip in your mixture

3 In a shaker, add a large bundle of basil leaves and cilantro

4 Add 3 slices of jalapeño and 1/2 Persian Cucumber 

5 Muddle well!

6 Add 2 ounces of Madre Mezcal, 1 ounce of lime juice, 3/4 ounces of coconut milk and 1 Teaspoon Mānuka Honey

7 Shake well with your ice

8 Strain over ice 

8 Top with Basil and Jalapeño


x Emily