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I have always been fascinated by glassblowing since a young age when I saw local artists blow glass at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach. There’s something about that hot flame shaping the glass that is so pleasing to the eye. 

For me, drinking out of a smaller glass size has always felt very intentional. I love colored glass, the way the color changes when it’s hit by the sun and the way every beverage looks different inside of it. When I moved last year, I had a deep desire for a unique set of small, colored wine glasses for my home and couldn’t find anything that I absolutely loved. That’s when our Organic Colored Glassware was born. I have been eyeing Sticky Glass’s beautiful glasses for as long as I can remember and Sticky Glass’s love for playing with color is quite evident in their work, so this collaboration was serendipitous.

Our Colored Glassware is made in collaboration with Grace Whiteside of Sticky Glass. Sticky Glass is a New York based design company created by Grace Whiteside that specializes in multi-functional, performative, and collaborative glasswork. All glasswork is hand-blown in Brooklyn, New York. 

When glass is in its molten state, it has the consistency of honey and becomes super sticky when in contact with itself and sometimes other materials. This property of glass can act as a base structure as well as its own glue. Grace’s designs entertain these possibilities through form and function as they allow the glass to perform acts of fluidity and softness. Due to this organic nature, Grace and I were able to design a very organic shaped glass, inspired by organic shapes in the natural world, like plants, animals, and rock formations. Perfectly, imperfect. Our asymmetrical shaped glasses represent the flow, softness, raw and calming properties in the natural world.

Our glasses come in two variations: Stemmed & Stemless. For our Stemless Glass, there are many soft purposeful indentations in the glass that make the perfect spot for your fingers to form to the glass just right. Our Stemmed Glass is designed with a short, thick stem for your fingers to comfortably rest while sipping. 

Each cup is perfect for your natural wines, cocktails, nourishing smoothies, juices, iced cacao, water or whatever you prefer.

Available in Coral, Rust, and Lime. The color changes when placed in the sun, it is quite magical. A drink served in this colored glass, simply tastes so much more special. Purposely made translucent to allow light to sparkle through, and for your beverage to be seen. 

I hope you enjoy our creations as much as I do!

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